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GenWeb - Web Interface for Sequence Analysis

Easy Handling
GenWeb is Biocceleration's Web interface for GenCore applications. With GenWeb, launching a search is as easy as it gets - simply choose the search application (all GenCore applications are supported), the query (cut & paste, local or remote file) and the desired database.
GenWeb is also very flexible, and enables advanced users to adjust scores, thresholds, comparison tables and other search parameters.

Web Power
GenWeb is HTML based, and is, therefore, platform-independent. It runs from industry standard browsers, like Internet Explorer and others, on any PC, MAC or UNIX machine. GenWeb is an ideal interface for small and large organizations, by combining the following properties:
  • Secure data sharing over the Intranet and Internet
  • No client setup or deployment cost
  • Full control over user administration and job queuing
  • Includes a file manager for query and result files
  • Enables linking to local proprietary databases
  • Supports sequence links to NCBI's Entrez and any SRS server