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Software Based Acceleration Systems:

GenCore 6.0:
A high-end software based acceleration package for advanced rigorous homology searches, such as HMMsearch, GeneWise, Smith-Waterman and more.
Runs on general purpose Linux or Unix servers, while providing up to 50-fold speed improvement relative to other software implementations. Builds on the strengths of our robust GenCore package, that has being running our acceleration hardware for more then 10 years now.
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GenCore Grid Server:
A high-end homology search server for large scale grid and cluster environments utilizing the GenCore-6 package.
A complete solution, including search job Split & Merge and database caching, for grids or clusters with large number of nodes. Enables full utilization of processing nodes and efficient use of I/O resources, for wide variety of grid and cluster implementations, while maintaining full results compatibility with the GenCore 6 software package. 
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Sequence Database and Analytics Systems:

A highly customizable software package that integrates biological sequence and search results data in a single, highly efficient search and analytics engine. Seamless integration of GenCore-6, GenCore Grid and GenWeb with the GenBase repository provides a complete data management solution with flexible connectivity to other systems. The underlying ElasticSearch engine enables biological sequences de-duplication, and easy and fast querying into vast amounts of sequence and homology search results in various formats.  
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Software and User Interfaces:

A web-based graphical user interface to the GenCore package. Securely shared on the intranet or internet, with an intuitive results viewer. Supports native and advanced user modes.
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A flexible, configurable queueing software that directs tasks to specific servers based on preferences and priorities defined by the system administrator, allowing for a variety of queue relief strategies.
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