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Biocceleration Ltd. , a bioinformatics company, is the leading provider of systems and solutions for accelerating searches in protein and nucleic acids databases.

With install base of more then 50 biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies, and academic research institutes, we've developed a suite of hardware accelerators and software packages to support the industry needs for accelerated protein and DNA database searches.

Biocceleration provides software and hardware solutions that accelerate rigorous database search algorithms, like HMMsearch and Smith-Waterman by a factor of 10-1000 relative to general purpose servers.

* With the signing of the transaction between Biocceleration Ltd. and Compugen Ltd., on July 16, 2003, all the technology, software, hardware, customer base and team, of the Bioccelertor product line within Compugen, were transferred to Biocceleration Ltd. This product line was developed by Compugen since 1993.